Hello everyone,

Our winter updates are here! 🎉 Since our last update, we improved the WTMG platform, organized the online premiere of Women Don’t Cycle, opened the registrations for the Velotour Festival and launched the Slow Travel Pass, our new initiative to make it easy for more people to go on amazing slow travel adventures. Keep reading for more details!

🏕️ Improvements to the WTMG platform

  • The chat has been improved. Thanks to your feedback, we could fix some bugs and improved the chat in the following ways:
    1. You can now write more characters in one message.
    2. The chat box expands automatically.
    3. The avatar is now smaller to gain space on your screen.
  • You can now see your location on the map, which is great news if you are slow travelling and looking for a garden. To activate it, simply allow WTMG to use your current location.
How to activate the live location on the map.
  • An important bug on older iphones was identified and fixed. Some older iphones couldn’t open WTMG anymore and showed a white screen instead. Thanks to some community members, we could identify the issue and fixed it. A big thank you to Wendy in particular for her help!
  • Names with an accent were fixed. Names with accents as Valérie used to be shown as ValéRie.

🎉 Community events

  • 550+ people from all over the world joined us for the online premiere of Manon’s film, Women Don’t Cycle. It was amazing to see so many community members come together for the first online screening of the film and the Q&A session afterwards!
  • The film, which tells the story of Manon & Dries cycling from Brussels to Tokyo in 2019, is now available to watch online. It’s thanks to this journey that Welcome To My Garden was born in 2020. Here’s the trailer. ⬇️
  • The registrations for the Velotour Festival 2024 (18-20 May) opened. The Velotour is a three day bicycle touring festival gathering around 150 cyclists from all over Belgium and beyond. You can choose how many kilomethers you’d like to cycle each day (40, 60 or 80km), and in the evening we cook and camp together. The last three editions were absolutely amazing, and we are so excited for this fourth edition! If you’d like to come, don’t wait too long to register: it’s only 150 participants. First come first served. 😉

    For more information and registrations, click here.

💚 Our new initiative to make slow travel more accessible

  • We launched the Slow Travel Pass, a new initiative to make it easy for more people to go on slow travel adventures. Over the last two years, we’ve manually built trips for 600+ slow travellers. To make it easy for more people to go on amazing slow travel adventures, we’re now making our best trips available through our Slow Travel Pass. Preorders are now open!

    For more information, click here.

Last but not least, if you have any suggestion, feedback or idea for WTMG, please don’t hesitate to share it with us by filling the form below (this link also works). Thank you!

See you next time! 👋

The WTMG team
Manon, Thor & Dries