From 18 to 20 May 2024, part of the WTMG community came together during our yearly Velotour Festival. In total, 150 cycling enthusiasts from all over Belgium and beyond (Canada, France, The Netherlands, Germany, India, and more!) gathered to make a 3-day bicycle tour in Belgium, share their excitement about slow travel and have a great time together. Here’s the story of the Velotour, and how it went!

The story behind the Velotour

In 2019, just before starting WTMG, Dries and I (Manon) did a long bike trip from Brussels to Tokyo. As we were leaving Istanbul, we met a cyclist who was on his way to a “Bisiklet Festival,” a three-day cycling festival with over 100 other cyclists. He was so enthusiastic and positive that we had to know more! A few hundred kilometers later, we met with Olcay, one of the main organizers. In only a few minutes, we were convinced: we had to organize a similar festival in Belgium. The Velotour was born! 🎉

With Olcay, one of the organizers of a Bisiklet Festival in Turkey.

A community event

As a community, we have a big role to play in helping beginners start to slow travel. That’s the beauty of the Velotour: when community members with varying levels of experience come together, they inspire one another.

“I always wanted to travel by bicycle, but it never worked out until now. I also didn’t dare to start by myself. So when I heard about the Velotour, I jumped at the opportunity!”Albane

At the start of the Velotour Festival 2024 in Kortrijk. Photo: Anneleen van Kuyck 

A unique moment of sharing, a positive and unifying energy that pushes cyclists to set off on a cycling trip. A must for me and my daughter every year! – Jules

Practically, everyone cycles at their own rhythm and can choose between a chill route (40 km), a classical route (60 km), or a challenging route (80 km). This way, everyone can join! In the evening, we cook and camp together, with everyone contributing to make it work. The positivity and energy is simply contagious! 🤩

It was a super first experience. So nice and open people, good atmosphere, I felt welcome even though I did not know anyone beforehand. Super nice routes, good food, everything was well organized, really a very nice weekend!” – Klaartje

Every year, participants join from all over Belgium and beyond. This year, slow travellers and hosts joined us from Canada, Finland, France, the Netherlands, and Germany – creating an incredible mix of languages.

“For me, it was a good reminder of everything cycling can be: slow mornings, exchanging experiences with others, getting to know wonderful people, having breaks to enjoy nice food on the road, seeing all those different bikes and setups…” – Anneleen

A few extra pictures of this year’s edition

Looking at the itinerary on the first day. This year, the Velotour started in Kortrijk/Courtrai and ended in Brussels! Photo: Anneleen van Kuyck.

Join one of the upcoming WTMG meetups!

During the Velotour, both hosts and travellers asked us the same thing: “How can I meet more slow travel enthusiasts from the WTMG community?” Good news: we are organizing two WTMG meetups, and you’re invited! 🎉

WTMG meetups are garden gatherings where the WTMG community (hosts and slow travellers) comes together to meet each other, share excitement about slow travel and have a great time together.

The two first meetups are

It’s free, but you need to register.. We’ll be at both meetups, and can’t wait to meet you!

PS: The Velotour Festival always takes place in May. You can already sign up on the website here to get updated when registrations open. See you there! 🤩