On Sunday 26 August 2023, we held our first WTMG Meetup in a garden near Brussels. Here’s how it went!

Since 2020, Welcome To My Garden has enabled thousands of hosts and slow travellers to meet each other for the first time. It’s clear that WTMG isn’t just about finding a nice and safe place to camp; it’s also about creating new social connections. Sleeping in someone’s garden or hosting slow travellers is a great way to meet people!

Now, after three years, we wanted to try something new as a community. We thought, “We all love slow travel, so why not have an evening where hosts and travelers get together?” And that’s exactly what we did: the first WTMG Meetup was born!

The concept is simple: we gather in a WTMG garden, share our excitement about slow travel and have a great time together! It’s a friendly event where everyone brings food to share (like a potluck) and helps out during the evening. The first WTMG meetup was a success! πŸŽ‰

Travellers and WTMG hosts sharing stories.
The potluck was a great way to involve everyone and make it easy for hosts to open their garden.

WTMG members and hosts came from all over Belgium & beyond (we even had Ali, a host from Djibouti, who happened to be in Brussels! πŸ‡©πŸ‡―). There was in fact so much excitement and positivity that we even kept brainstorming about WTMG until 2 am around the campfire! 😍πŸ”₯

Talking about how each member imagined WTMG in 5 years. Great conversations!

Some hosts and travellers went home the same evening, while others camped there for the night.

Yes, we love pictures of tents in gardens!
Happy morning faces!

Many hosts have already emailed us that they were interested in organizing a regional meetup in their gardens. If you are interested as well, make sure to get in touch with Manon so that we can keep you updated about the next steps. We’re really excited to make this happen with you!

Thank you to everyone who joined, and here’s to many more WTMG Meetups! πŸ’š

The WTMG team

Manon, Thor & Dries

πŸ‘‹ Interested in organizing a WTMG meetup in your garden? Reach out to Manon!

Thanks a lot to everyone for the great energy and kindness all around! Looking forward to more meet-ups like this in the future πŸ™” – Jules, slow traveller

“Thank you for the organization and nice encounters!” – Ali, host